Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ogle Airport set to become model facility in the Caribbean

During a recent interview, Chief Executive Officer of the Roraima Group of Companies, Captain Gerry Gouveia, made this disclosure. He said, “Ogle is now going to be a model airport in the Caribbean when it comes to, not only the physical infrastructure and the esthetics, but certainly in terms of the safety.” Gouveia pointed out that the facility has meticulously put in place all the internationally recommended safety standards. “They are new methods being used now at the ends of runways that cater for aircrafts that are unable to come to a stop. These are catchment areas that serve to slow the aircraft down and bring it to a stop. This is in place at Ogle.” He further stated that, “Ogle is actually far ahead, in terms of safety. The airport also works very closely with the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA). In general, both are our international airports, I believe, operate at very high standards.” Gouveia made these remarks in wake of the Caribbean Airlines Flight 523 accident a week ago that resulted in the aircraft overshooting the runway at CJIA and crashing through the airport’s parameter fence.


  1. Its good that they are sighting this small airport to become a modern facility for the Caribbean.Its good to know that it has the more safety measurements.

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