Thursday, August 4, 2011

CN Sharma's claim of Gov't harassment a 'smoke screen'

CN Sharma's clever plot was generated to stymie disciplinary actions against his station is exposed. It was his wife Savitree who called the President proposing to remove Christopher Ram's program and even to transfer the license in her name.


  1. CN Sharma paying the price. His wife is taking revenge for being a victim of infidelity. Christopher Ram wife Ena Savitri Ram is in the middle of a triangular love affair with Asmita Chand yet she wrote a letter dissing up anyone who writes about Christopher Ram in a bad way.

  2. Christopher Ram is a demon ! His friend Ramesh Seebarran cooked the books for many of his clients who get rich off the employees. I used to work at Bisheswar,Seebarran & Co. Chartered Accountants and Ramesh Seebarran requested sexual favours from me and he even tried to make a deal with CN Sharma for doing me !! The ACCA should lock up Christopher Ram and Ramesh Seebarran and the US Real McCoy gangsters should deal with Christopher Ram's children and wife at their mansions at Winter Garden and Windermerd, Florida. Or Salim Azeez should just done them all.