Friday, August 19, 2011

AFC campaigns on character assassination

AS a youth who lived all my life as a PPP/C supporter, who would be voting for the first time in the coming election, I was thinking about where I should cast my ballot. I was fortunate to be in Berbice and was waiting for a programme on DTV- ch 8 on the 13th August 2011. This programme was representing the AFC and, at the same time, trying to market this party to the voters in Berbice. To my disappointment the two persons on the programme were only speaking about personalities rather than issues. How can a new AFC party win over voters in this way?

My honest view is that these two persons should be replaced with persons who are capable enough to represent the party. The next day on the 14th August 2011 at a public meeting at Guava Bush the AFC Presidential Candidate continued in these personality attacks on the Regional Chairman of Region 6, which is a total failure of the party in trying to win voters in the next Regional/General Election.

Convincing voters to vote for a particular party should be done in a more constructive way. I am appealing to all the voters in the entire country not to ever think about voting for the AFC because they are not in Government and yet they have started to attack people’s personalities.

Their aspiration is nothing but an illusion if they want to manage this country. The qualities needed to manage a country is not evident in any of the members, so I am appealing to the youth in this country to vote with good judgment - try voting PPP/C.
Just a small advice here - that they should take pattern from a programme named “Clear Talk” to see how the PPP/C deal with Issues.

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