Friday, August 5, 2011


Vishnu Bisram: REFERENCE is made to Mr. Freddie Kissoon’s perennial complaints about an early trial of the defamation lawsuit filed against Kissoon by President Jagdeo. If I recall correctly, Kissoon called Jagdeo an anti-African racist and a host of insulting titles. When this lawsuit was filed more than a year ago, I commented in a KN missive that I did not expect it to come to trial because I could not see the President seriously taking on Freddie and his penchant for lies and distortions. I did not take it to be a serious issue and felt it will die with time when the President leaves office.

Little did I know that Kissoon, in bravado style but really bluffing, wanted the matter to go to trial immediately and petitioned for an early date to face off with Mr. Jagdeo before he demits office.

Kissoon wanted the public to know he was a tough guy. But he really comes across as a coward in his two latest columns. He requested an early trial and he requested an early dispensation in an appeal to an interlocutory matter.

The President’s party, it seems, wanted a later trial so they can spend time attending to more important matters of the state. Now Freddie is saying he is opposed to an early trial – afraid he will lose his house because in no court (not even in America or England) can he win. He does not have legs to stand on.
Kissoon complains that prior lawsuits filed by others were bypassed so that his could come to trial. If the trial was delayed, Kissoon would have complained he is not getting a fair trial and justice is denied.

Now he gets the date he requested and he still feels the trial will not be fair. If Kissoon wants a delay, all he has to do is ask the court and it will comply and he can get years of delays. So time is not an issue. The facts are the issue and on the merits of the case, the facts are on the side of the President.
Kissoon penned a year ago; he would need a few months to question Mr. Jagdeo on the stand. Jagdeo’s lawyer said they need just a few days to present their case. Now Kissoon says he needs only five days to question Mr. Jagdeo.

I can’t imagine what Kissoon would ask Mr. Jagdeo over five days – it would be peripheral matters unrelated to the case and the presiding judge will stop his lawyers. I don’t think questioning of the President would last five minutes. At any rate, I am not even certain the President is needed to take the stand. In the U.S., a lawyer can present the plaintiff’s case with his in person testimony.
Freddie’s defence boils down to whether he has evidence proving the President is a racist. That is impossible to prove for no President has been as non-racial as Mr. Jagdeo in the history of Guyana.
Kissoon is putting his house at risk for he will not be able to successfully defend himself against Jagdeo’s lawsuit. Sorry Fred! You are skating on thin ice.

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