Monday, August 29, 2011

Glenn Lall, Christopher Ram & Sharma know the routes they took to achieve their millions yet they seek to label people 'corrupt'.

It is interesting that all this corruption in the public service we are now hearing about did not happen over overnight. The hardships imposed by the PNC whilst in government resulted in the once-honest Guyanese people being forced to resort to trickery and bribery to survive, until this behavioural mode became endemic and a way of life for Guyanese; who devised innovative ways to beat the imposed strictures – to the extent where some even became millionaires.
And Glenn Lall (Kaieteur News owner), Christopher Ram and CN Sharma know well the routes they took to achieve their millions, yet today they seek to pontificate on the behaviour of others and abrogate to themselves the right to call other businessmen corrupt in a litany of lies and distortion of facts that would shock even the devil.
The Biblical adage of taking the beam out of one’s eye before attempting to remove the mote out of the eye of another certainly applies in these instances.
Glenn Lall is being profit-driven in trying to destroy entrepreneurial rivals with his so-called ‘exposes’; and he allegedly receives advertisements galore from those businessmen whose rivals he destroys, while his editor Adam Harris is an unapologetic PNC propagandist who once ran the PNC organ – the New Nation. Both Ram and Sharma have aspirations to become president of Guyana.

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  1. Glenn Lall -Cocaine and Human Smuggler
    Chris Ram- Tax Evasion Racketeer/ Accountant for the drug dealers and smugglers
    CN Sharma make his raise by mis-appropriating the funds for flood victims in Mahaica.