Monday, August 1, 2011

Rupert Roopnarine, Stabroek News & APNU's attack on Muslim community condemned.

MINISTER of Housing and Water Mr. Irfaan Ali is convinced that the ‘sleight of hand’ apology by Stabroek News in its Sunday edition, cannot retract the “untold damage, insult degradation and mischief” it has cast, not only on him in his personal capacity but also on his religious beliefs, sentiments and values. Ali made this statement in response to the Stabroek News article titled- ‘APNU has room for PPP’ dated July 30, 2011 where WPA co-leader, Dr. Rupert Roopnarine was reported as saying, “We will compile a dossier on corruption and we will place very close attention to places like the Ministry of Housing, where Irfaan Ali is carrying on in the tradition of his well known ancestor… Ali Baba and the forty thieves.”
This statement was made in the presence of persons gathered last Friday evening at the Square of the Revolution for a campaign rally by the newly-formed ‘A Partnership for National Unity’ (APNU).
It is the view of Minister Ali that this reckless statement by APNU, supported by Stabroek News has caused damage to the Muslim community and it was “aimed at creating division, mischief and casting in a negative light, the Muslims of this country.”
Whilst Ali acknowledges the known fact that the “old guards” that form APNU believe strongly in separatist political views, he feels that on this occasion they and an independent media house have overstepped the boundary in insulting an entire community.
He further stated that his party believes strongly in unity and togetherness.
“Our policies are crafted across all ethnicities and religions and remarks like these made by Rupert Roopnarine, APNU and Stabroek News are geared directly at creating mischief and disunity,” he emphasized.
He took the opportunity to encourage the Muslim community and all other sections of the Guyanese community to stand strong against these insults and attacks on their freedom and integrity.
The Minister is especially encouraging the Islamic Organizations who contacted him in response to the statement, to “walk away from the ignorance and to stand tall over narrow minded political views”, especially during the month of Ramadan, when their patience would be tested.
He said, “Let us forgive those who hurt us and continue to work with our traditional, honest, high moral values.”
Many observers believe that it is in a bid to save shame that the Stabroek News rendered a “sleight of hand” apology in their Sunday Edition dated July, 31, 2011.


  1. This is serious. This is religious discrimination and xenophobia to the fullest.

    Freddie Kissoon is also guilty for being an Islamophobist as proven in one of his articles a while back.

    These critics do not respect the religious beliefs of others and they're going to cry foul and say that the Government is after them.

    Being a critic or part of the opposition does not give anyone right to make hatred remarks against a religious group. Nor does it constitute immunity from prosecution.

    These critics are turning desperate in a bid to make the Government look bad when the critics themselves are the bad guys.

    Let the wrongdoers be prosecuted in court.

  2. This is a down right disrespect for this religious community and it just show these people will stifle a particular group if they go into power.