Friday, April 16, 2010

13 year old recounts harrowing tale of repeated rape and sexual molestation by C.N. Sharma

…Sharma collapses, hospitalised after taken to Brickdam Lockups

C.N Sharma

Kaieteur News: Proprietor of the CNS TV Channel 6, Chandra Narine Sharma, was last evening questioned by Police ranks at Eve Leary after he was invited there following reports by the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security’s Child Care and Protection Department of multiple rapes committed on four underage sisters.
Following a bout of questioning he was taken to the Brickdam Lockups where he collapsed and was subsequently hospitalised at the Georgetown Public Hospital.
Earlier in the day formal reports were lodged against Sharma at the Brickdam Police Station and Eve Leary Headquarters after the reports had been made to the Child Protection Agency.
That arm of the Human Services and Social Security commenced investigations of its own and unsuccessfully sought to remove two young girls (ages five and nine) from their home facilitated by Sharma adjacent to his business place, located at Robb and Wellington Streets.
Sharma has since retained the services of Attorney-at-Law Nigel Hughes who escorted him to Eve Leary last evening.
The action comes in wake of revelations that a 13-year-old girl in a sworn affidavit signed by Justice of the Peace and Commissioner of Oaths to Affidavits Lachman Narine, dated April 12, 2010, recounted a most harrowing tale of repeated rape and sexual molestation of four sisters over several years.
The teen decided to make public her allegations against the offender whom she named as Chandra Narine Sharma, owner of CNS TV 6, given the fact that he is now, according to her preying on one of her younger sisters.
This newspaper visited Sharma’s Home/Business but was unable to make contact with him even after providing his Office Manager with a copy of the Affidavit and soliciting an interview.
This newspaper was told that he was busy in meetings and the interview would be facilitated later in the day but this was never to materialize.
The child in the document states “I am afraid of him because he raped me when I was seven years old and I still have to go with him up to now.”
This newspaper managed to secure a copy of the now teenager’s Birth Certificate which lists her Date of Birth as July 23,1996.
The girl stated that, “He raped me when I was living with my mother…He call me in my (then) house in Alexander Street said to come for this thing…He hold me down in the room and raped me…my sisters them come in and they see and they come out and waited outside until he finished.”
The girl is alleging that when Sharma “called me he just say come for this thing…He hold me down and take off all my clothes…He didn’t tell me anything after doing that…He raped me.”
According to the now 13-year-old girl, when she was approximately age 10, her mother told her to go upstairs with him, “and it won’t hurt and I went and it hurt and I came back downstairs and from since then I have to go with him to get money.”
The girl alleges that she would have to sleep with him and he would have sex with her. “He would give me the money…. $2,000 a week.”
The girl claims that Sharma, “would come to the house in North Road where he would carry girls…Now in North Road he has a house where he carries girls there…He put a girl to live there now downstairs.”
Asked if he had any special requests she answered in the negative adding that, “he would just put me on the bed and rape me.”
The girl insists her sisters were also raped and molested by Sharma, “My mommy used to send her and my other sister…My other sister told me some of what happened…She would collect money.
The girl states that her mother never told them why she did it to them.
“I am now afraid for my little sister because one time he pushed his finger into her and I am afraid that he will do her the same thing he did to me…I know about the incident when he pushed his finger in her …She said he called her, hold her, put her to lie down and pushed his finger up into her.”
She in her statement said that, “When I was raped I cried… I was attending school when this was happening to me.”
This newspaper has since learnt that Sharma along with his Attorney showed up to the Police Station last evening in the possession of two Affidavits countering the allegations of the girl and one of her sister.
The Affidavits that Sharma showed up with at the Station last evening were reportedly those of the girl’s mother, who has been an employee of Sharma for several years, as well as her eldest daughter.
The social workers who showed up at the home of the children for whom the 13 year-old fears (a nine year-old and five year-old) were unable to locate the two young girls.
Meanwhile the 13-year-old who has made the allegations against Sharma has since been taken into protective care.


  1. Sharma always in some story with lil girls this is not the first he has been implicated in a matter like this but he always pay his way out but i hope this time he pay for his actions

  2. You think dem bugga batty people who does protest infront Office of the President will picket outside CNS6?

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  4. Well he paying for it, with this condition he in at CHI or he just faking it, people like these should not be walking free as they wish, he should be behind bars ever since, it is not the first time he has been caught in this act of molesting little girls

  5. He fails to realize that he has daughters and will have granddaughters, how would he take it if someone does that to them…I hope he bears that in mind, but it seem he paying for it already, suffer from his heart and hospitalized, he know what he did, that is why he is in that condition

  6. Why CN why? you were the one always lamenting upon child abuse and victimization, but it seems that you have made a victim of the ones who came for your assistance, its good to see that the human service acted in a quick manner in investigating this matter...this should be displayed on Benchop radio as well as channel 6!

  7. He will work out a deal with the corrupt legal authorities and politicians.

  8. The rumour mill has always been wrought of Sharma's libido and many have attested to his escapades. This matter has to be examined from all sides and should Sharma be found guilty, he should be made to face the severest consequences, on the flip side, should this story be proven to be false then the culprits should also be punished.

  9. Wow, this man topping the board these days, everyday in the news is additional piece to the story, what a nasty big man…his actions he is paying for at CHI, throwing himself on these innocent children, his ass should be summoned to life in prison

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