Thursday, April 8, 2010

PNCR seeking to have Opposition Leader Benefits Bill amended in order to expand the range of benefits.

Following a spate of deferrals the Bill defining the benefits of a sitting Parliamentary Opposition Leader is once again slated for the House, today.
When contacted yesterday, the Opposition Chief Whip, Lance Carberry, said that as long as the government is prepared to go ahead with the Bill today the opposition will take part in the debate and will support the Bill once the benefits are clearly spelt out.
He was responding to a query on whether the party would debate the Bill in the absence of the party Leader Robert Corbin, who is not in the country and is not expected back in time for today’s debate.
According to Carberry, debating the Bill in Corbin’s absence is not an issue given the fact that the benefits will be to the constitutional office of the leader of the Opposition and not to Corbin personally.
Carberry added also that his party would be supportive clearly outlining in law benefits and facilities for all constitution offices.
The Bill intituled Leader of the Opposition (Benefits and Other Facilities) Act 2009 was tabled by the Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh a year ago almost to the date.
The parliamentary opposition is also seeking to have the range of benefits expanded through some amendments that were tabled.

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  1. Well they would want it to expand cause they know that they cant win a next election so that they would benefit more but only the leader gon get the benefit and Corbin is still the leader ,just goes to show that he just think about he self that's why he still want to be leader.