Friday, April 9, 2010

Corbin sets himself up with a nice package-the usually vocal critics are silent!

As the National Assembly yesterday unanimously approved The Leader of the Opposition (Benefits and Facilities) Bill those that were critical of a similar bill that sought to have enacted into our country's laws provisions that would ensure that Presidents, past and present, receive similar benefits are very silent. Why? However Corbin being a very smart man will still be entitled to his benefits as Leader of the Opposition come 2011, being that he has kept the party's leadership for himself while relinquishing the Presidential candidacy.

1 comment:

  1. Many had thought that with the easing of the burden of running the government, the quality of political leadership in that party would have improved. This was pure false expectation. Why would the leadership skills improve if many of those who ran the government then are now still in control of the leadership of the PNCR and with apparently no likelihood of change in the near future. Thankfully Corbin will no longer be the Presidntial candidate.