Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Global Human Order report to be presented to UN General Assembly

-stakeholders to deliberate on workable strategy at two-day conference

A special conference to formulate a report to the United Nations (UN) for the implementation of a resolution adopted at the 64th Session of the UN General Assembly will be convened over the next two days at the Cheddi Jagan Research Centre to strengthen and propel the New Global Human Order (NGHO), a concept developed by the late President Dr. Cheddi Jagan.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett speaking at the opening ceremony of the Special conference on the New Global Human Order (NGHO)

The conference will encompass careful deliberations by key stakeholders who will make proposals for the development of a strategy to further promote the NGHO through the UN.
At the opening ceremony of the special conference on the NGHO at the Umana Yana, Kingston, Chairman of the Cheddi Jagan Research Centre, Navin Chandarpal noted that at the 65th Session of the UN General Assembly in September the resolution on the NGHO will be up for report.
Pointing to the importance of the UN resolution in promoting a new global order, he said that it forms the background for the discussions that will take place at the two-day forum.
Chandarpal stated that the conference is of great importance since it will help to prepare the vision and the UN system for the report that is essential in moving the NGHO forward.
He further noted since that time Dr. Jagan had presented to the world the NGHO, much has changed and it is significant if the conference can put the ideas into a framework that will help not only the resolution to be strengthened in September, but also to help the UN system to better use the resolution in a way that would allow for all the areas identified.

Chairman, Cheddi Jagan Research Centre, Navin Chandarpal addressing the gathering , Umana Yana.

It was noted that the two-day forum will encompass six working sessions including the background on the origin and development of the NGHO, relevance of the NGHO in the UN development agenda and the linkages with UN declaration and action plans and proposals by other countries, role of the global human effort to deal with the financial crisis and the deteriorating social conditions, the NGHO on the effort to improve the architecture of our global governance for world peace, democracy, recognition of people’s rights and social justice and refreshing the concept in the form of concrete proposals that define the NGHO for presentation to the UN General Assembly and identifying strategies for its further promotion.
Meanwhile, Director, Economic Commission for Latin American and the Caribbean (ECLAC), Sub regional Headquarters for the Caribbean, Neil Pierre highlighted the value of the UN’s role in spearheading the large development agenda of co-operation.
He said that the UN must go beyond its remit and pursue the embedding of norms into a coherent international policy framework to which all member states of the UN should be committed.
Pierre expressed confidence that at the end of the forum recommendations will be derived with bold and concrete actions to make the NGHO a living and dynamic instrument to assist the world in fulfilling its dreams and aspirations of the great diversity of humanity.
“For this to happen we must identify ways to clearly move it from a bold and forward looking concept to a framework that has practical applicability. Our discussions must be geared towards ensuring that a mandate is issued by the General Assembly that would commit to the order of the system to carry out research and analysis, developing actions and monitoring progress around the NGHO in the day to day work,” he told the gathering.

Gathering at opening of the special conference on the New Global Human Order, Umana Yana. In front row are: Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, Minster of Foreign Affairs, Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett, other Ministers and members of Cabinet

Minister of Foreign Affairs Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett said the conference came in a critical juncture in the progression of the important initiative.
She said 2010 marks 15 years since the late Dr. Jagan advocated the concept of the NGHO in his address to the world summit for social development in Copenhagen in March 1995 and also marks 10 years since the proposal of an NGHO would formally place on the agenda of the UN General Assembly in September 2000.
She said that it is fitting therefore that persons should reflect on the progress made on new and emerging development and on the challenges that still remain in the common quest for forging a more just and humane world.
This indeed was a dream of Dr. Jagan with democracy restored to Guyana and expanding throughout the globe he envisaged the prospect of a new partnership of nations and people to realize the highest aspirations of human kind, to peace, development, human rights, social justice and environmental sustainability, she said.
Dr. Jagan, she stated perceived the interdependence of the global village the necessity for a qualitative paradigm of international relations characterise by cooperation engaging all relevant actors rather than the confrontation that defines the Cold War of the preceding decades.
She said the call for the NGHO represents a moral and ethical appeal for partnership based on enlightened self interest to address the root causes of poverty and underdevelopment.
The opening session also saw brief remarks by General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party Donald Ramoutar.
In attendance were Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, Speaker of the National Assembly Ralph Ramkarran, members of the Cabinet, Parliament and the Diplomatic Corps.

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  1. Credit must be given to the late President Dr.Jagan and the PPP/C party for foreseeing that is takes effect within this institution that combines states together...not only Guyana but other countries with the same interest for there citizens will definitely benefit from this session...that is the motive by any PPP leader, they are always at the top looking out for the interest our country and the people, what else could we ask for….