Wednesday, April 7, 2010

2010 Bartica Regatta the best in years.

It was three days of unadulterated excitement and entertainment at the 2010 Bartica Regatta and not even the rains stopped persons from enjoying themselves.

The annual Bartica Easter Regatta held over the weekend saw thousands of persons attending and everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves. The event boasted a two-day boat racing meet and a “wash down” concert with soca singer Peter Ram closing the weekend’s festivities.

On Saturday, a football match followed by a road jam gave Barticians a lot to celebrate after the hometown team, Beacons, won the match. It was an all- night party after as people filled the Cenotaph Square in First Avenue to party into the wee hours of the morning.

Then on Sunday, the action picked up with boat racing events which included canoe and Jet Ski racing over a two-day period. Many persons said they felt this year’s Regatta was “the biggest” yet and were impressed with the preparations, but some expressed concern about the cleaning up after.

Making an appearance at races were President Bharrat Jagdeo and Tourism Minister Manniram Prashad as well as some PNC officials. The President congratulated the coordinators for an excellent presentation of the Regatta and noted that the event has grown beyond its traditional concept. He also pointed out that Regatta is on the yearly calendar and it is a good chance for persons who are returning to Guyana to see what is going on in the country.

The President then went on to wish the people of Bartica a happy Easter. He stated that the Easter message was one of hope and optimism which has a profound message for all.

When the sun went down persons again crowded the Cenotaph Square this time to witness the Miss Regatta Pageant. The pageant was considered a success but was plagued by technical difficulties and did not appear to be properly organised. Many persons were forced to stand throughout the programme.

Annece Hicks, who was in the final of the Cellink Jingle and song competition last year, won the pageant and the crowd seemed very pleased with the judges’ decision. She was the crowd favourite throughout the competition.

Moving into the Easter Monday, the races and kite flying were interrupted by heavy rain that did not ease until night time. But when the skies cleared, the people again flocked to Cenotaph square to witness the live performance of Peter Ram who was part of the festivities since Sunday.

Overall the weekend’s festivities were considered a success with many persons saying they enjoyed themselves. Chairman of the Regatta Committee Holbert Knights credited the success mostly to the sponsors and the people who supported the events.


  1. Indeed it was bigger than ever cause it saw a wide cross section of people from all over who came to see what the it was like after hearing about it...

  2. This is to show that Guyana is reaching at its peak when it comes to entertainment...the regatta this year was one to make a difference in terms of progress and improvement when holding events as such, true indeed people coming to Guyana always have something to boast about. The people who did the preparation for the regatta should be commended for there hard work, well done

  3. a lot is happening in the entertainment arena in Guyana, to know that thousands attended this event definitely shows that the economy is doing well and the citizens can afford to have a fun shows that the government is trying his utmost best in stabilizing this economy for us to have a well preserve life