Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kaieteur News Seeking Pity

Kaieteur News after doing all their dirty work, peddling half truth s and lies as part of its policy of slipshod journalism which has resulted in the decrease of its sales, is now trying to appeal to the public's sympathy by claiming that they are being discriminated against by the Government.( The truth is that they have continued to misinform the public and sensationalize issues in an effort to boast its sales. Unfortunately this has not materialized leading them to increase the price of its paper. However more than likely this will lead to a further decrease in sales then a a total collapse of this entity


  1. I guess that they should have think about trying to misinform the public and their reputation now they have to suffer by the cost of their actions

  2. Why complain when your the ones that cause this upon themselves with the disrespect towards the government and the daily misinformation that is been put out in their daily they was just thinking about the short term and now they sales are dropping they are trying to seek pity

  3. I pity them to gather an assumption that they are being discriminated by the government which is the result of their paper to decrease in sales...cant they use there logic's that they are paying a price to for their misdeed in giving false information...