Friday, April 9, 2010

AFC supporters call for change in leadership!

Norman Browne: The Alliance For Change which stands today as the only political party that can unite the working class as a majority, is becoming embarrassingly inept. The AFC seems more concerned with its conservative image to appease the business class. It detaches itself from the reality of why it is recognised as a viable option to the PNC and PPP. It shies away from identifying in public and street demonstrations as the government gets away with violation after violation.

If Ramjattan and Trotman cannot handle the politics, I suggest that while the party still has relevance and is still perched with the golden opportunity to create history in Guyana like never seen before, they should take a bow. I have stated before that Guyana does not belong to the PPP or the PNC.

I shall state today that the AFC does not belong to Trotman and Ramjattan. There is too much at stake in 2011. If Guyana is to see real change in the near future, a young, vibrant and courageous leader who can capture the imagination of the working class as a majority must emerge at the helm of the AFC.

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  1. well it is about time the AFC supporters can finally see between the lines who these alienated comrades of there truly to make accusations on the government and yet they cant justify there reasons as to why? The nature of their being in politics call for serious investigations among other thing or either they do know of what they are in for ...the AFC has succumbed to fraud, bribery, misrepresentation of there supporters and the list goes, this just justify in them stepping down