Sunday, April 4, 2010

Excellent police work leads to capture of 6 bandits, seizure of Uzi machine gun and recovery of booty following Phone Depot robbery.

…most of the booty recovered

Six men are in custody after a daring robbery on Phone Depot yesterday afternoon. Three were arrested in Tucville and three in Sussex Street.
While most people were busy with last minute shopping in the busy downtown Georgetown, three armed bandits stormed the Phone Depot on Middle Street, making off with several laptop computers, cellular phones and digital cameras. They were also said to have removed $200,000 from one of the customers.
The attack took place around 15:00 hours yesterday.

A detective dusts the scene for fingerprints.

A detective dusts the scene for fingerprints.

The bandits, brandishing guns, ordered the employees of the facility as well as customers to lie on the floor and then proceeded to force open several glass cases which contained the items.
They also relieved the customers of all their valuables in the 10-minute blitz. By this time the men began grabbing the laptop computers, cameras and cellular phones.
Acting on information, the police swooped down on Oasis Taxi Service where they arrested the driver who not only took the gunmen to the scene but who waited on them and facilitated their escape.
It turned out that one of the gunmen was the taxi driver’s brother.
The driver took the police to a location where he said that he dropped off the men. But the police soon learnt that that was a diversion, that some of the men were transported by a driver attached to Wings Taxi Service.
Two of the gunmen were taken to Tucville. The police raided the home but found nothing. However, at the Sussex Street location where the others were dropped off the police found most of the articles removed from Phone Depot.
The recovered items included more than 50 cellular phones, some 15 cameras, an Uzi, some of the laptops and a diamond ring taken from one of the customers. The money was not recovered, nor the other guns used in the robbery.
A male employee of the store told this newspaper that he was standing behind the glass door entrance when the first bandit entered.
The employee said that he was dealt a cuff to his face and told to lie down while two more bandits barged in.
All the other employees, as well as the customers complied as the bandits menacingly pointed their guns at them.
According to the employee, two of the bandits went to the cashier’s cage and demanded that the cashier open the cash register.
But for some strange reason the register did not open.
As other customers kept coming into the store, they too were made to lie down and relieved of their valuables.
Then one of them signaled to the others that time was up and the men hurriedly left after what was described as a well planned robbery.
The police who were summoned subsequently turned up managed to lift several prints from the scene. The arrests and recovery of the items cap what the people say is excellent police work.


  1. Its a job well done by the police to capture these bandit and it goes to show that the police are on the fight to put this crime wave on a ease so they are alert when these robberies take place.......

  2. I am yet to hear the usually vociferous GHRA come and condemn this gross violation of human rights, robbery is a violation of one's human rights and the GHRA has again failed to side with justice. However I bet had these bandits had shot at the police and were killed in the process the GHRA would have been the first to condemn the police.

  3. With the police on the fight to reduce the crime wave they have proved to be efficient in talking that matter which show that they are willing and ready to capture all the criminal element out there.

  4. This is indeed good work carried out by the police, there strategy was well worked in and kept in regards to the law to catch these criminals; at least this is start for the public and the oppositions to surrender a good name to the Police force...

  5. Well done!!! To these police officers I should say, for there outstanding work…just imagine how relieved and the peace of mind those victims are that the act took place on…from this citizens of Guyana should bear in mind that they are protected and can rely on our police officers