Tuesday, April 20, 2010

CN Sharma remanded to prison-collapses in court!

Sharma after he collapsed

Sharma's family members at the court to offer support

CN Sharma being taken away after collapsing in Court when he was remanded to prison today.


  1. My my, who could have believe that this man who claims he is all for the people, would have his dirty side revealed over and over, and still does not change...if he hasn't done anything why does keep collapsing and having all forms of ailment, he knows what he did to those innocent girls, that is why he is in that state

  2. One would assume then that the magistrate had sufficient evidence to remand CN. Job well done!

  3. CN Sharma should be jailed for life. He has been doing this raping of children for a long time.
    Jail the bastard.

  4. Sharma always being an individual of always degrading and low taking the systems especially the security and human service in Guyana, but its seems that very system is putting him to his place today for his pervert self.

  5. Sharma melodrama has the entire public baffled, Sharma has went in worst circumstances than this as he claims he listens to people and understands their plight, but the table actually put a turn on him…his plight can’t even make him recover a little bit…well it all boils down to the tipper tapper conclusion, if he didn’t part take in such acts on those little girls then why is he worrying this much causing this much draining of his life…there has to be some sort of logical explanations for all of this