Wednesday, April 14, 2010

As the race for the PNCR 2011 Presidential candidate heats up Basil Williams supporters commence poster campaign.

Apparently supporters of PNCR Presidential candidate-hopeful Basil Williams have commenced an anti-Winston Murray campaign. Murray's East Indian-descent and allegations about his track-record are highlighted in posters plastered all over Georgetown.

However sources close to Williams say the prominent lawyer is not responsible for the anti-Murray/pro-Williams hand-bills that are plastered on the walls of the High Court building and the St. Andrews Kirk fence opposite the Magistrates' Court where both lawyers and their clients frequent.

Some Black activists have in the past expressed concern about the PNCR being led by Murray on grounds that that political party is the last movement that they have to hold on to in this country whose national political landscape is divided along race lines.

While many are pinning their hopes on Murray becoming the candidate in the wake of PNCR leader, Robert Corbin saying that he would not be contesting the presidency in 2011 and would make way for a consensus candidate with a broad appeal, some skeptics believe that he would engineer his way back into the presidential candidacy.

United States-based Political Science Professor, David Hinds recently said on a Internet Radio programme that many Blacks would not support Murray because of his East Indian ancestry, paving the way for Corbin to tell his supporters that there was a lack of consensus and the interest of the party retaining its strength he was the best available option. The poster is seen by some as the handy-work of pro-Corbin operatives, aimed at shafting Murray's ambitions on the basis of race and grassroots popularity, among other reasons.


  1. Based on the above one can conclude and rightly so that the PNC/R is an inherently racist organisation and the electorate should boycott them come 2011.The PPP has manged to create a new mindset among the masses one of ethnic tolerance where race becomes non issue in the voting patterns yet we see the PNC and their supporters kindly referring to the race card.

  2. Guess this comes about due to the fact that the supporters are looking for the more effective person to take that position has presidential candidate.

  3. How can the tolerance of racism even surface from the prospective of PNC...this is an area that needs serious attention on elimination, for elections is just around the corner. People shouldn’t even consider a party of such racial concepts being there ideal of an effective political party and serving for the people

  4. This party really needs help...they are still at the point of picking a leader and that is as corrupted as there administration, the only alternative that was left for them to do is join with the AFC but the AFC is don’t want to tie bundle with them, it is truly a shame