Tuesday, April 20, 2010

C.N Sharma attempts to bribe victim-$10M offer refused

… CN Sharma child molesting saga

In an interesting twist to the saga involving television station owner, Chandra Narine Sharma, relatives of the girls involved are reporting that they are being offered a whopping $10M to discontinue proceedings that could lead to charges.
Sharma is being accused of sexually molesting a 13-year-old girl and impregnating her older sister when she was 14 years old.

Chandra Narine Sharma

Chandra Narine Sharma

But according to the aunt of who brought the story to light, someone who she claims is a relative of Sharma, has been approaching her family with the huge cash offers.
The first offer was for five million dollars but this was doubled the following day.
The woman told media operatives in an interview that she was at work on Saturday when she received a telephone call from home, informing her that an offer of $5M was proposed.
“Yesterday (Sunday) it raise to $10M,” the woman said.
She said that she did not meet the person making the offer but from the description given, she is certain that the man is a relative of Chandra Narine Sharma.
“The person say that we could take the money and finish the story and we must take the girl to Berbice,” the woman added.
Sharma in an interview with Kaieteur News had claimed that the woman was no relative of the girl and that she was only out to extort money from him.
But the woman dismissed the claim pointing out that her father had introduced the teenager as his daughter, but because of the age difference, the girl usually refers to her as ‘Aunty’.
“I own this child as my sister,” the woman related. According to the woman, the teenager approached her on Easter Sunday and begged her to take her kite flying.
The woman said that she agreed and took the teenager kite flying on Easter Monday.
It was then that the child revealed the shocking details of her alleged abuse at the hands of Sharma.
The woman said that the child was reluctant to return home after the Easter outing.
Following the teenager’s revelations, the woman reported the matter to the Ministry of Human Services, and an immediate investigation was launched.
“I don’t need the money. The child is in the custody of the Ministry of Human Services. I don’t know who the person is offering the money because nobody came to me,” the woman stated.


  1. Well it int a surprise that this offer was put forward cause this is what he does so that his name can be cleared.But it is too over bearing and he should put to face the penalties of his actions.

  2. Digicel, GT&T, Banks, DDL, GBTI Bank of Nova Scotia etc. etc. must pull their advertisements from CNS 6 immediately; i.e. unless they condone this sort of behavior.

  3. Well old bai soak his weak the wrong place at the wrong time, he should be faced with another charge for attempting to bribe for his dirty actions. 10M? Jokey money for these oppositions.

  4. Bribery, what else wouldn't they do...that money cant even compensate for these children agony they have endure by he hands of this bastard ...yet he got the nerves to fake his sickness...people should pelt stones at him

  5. y everybody done take this man thru trial find he guilty an executing he, some ppl dont know nun an jus running they mouth some of them wudda tekk d 10m long an pull their tail between them foot, yall wait, sa bad yall wan c a man punish that yall cant wait an c if d proper persons seh if he wrong or not

  6. The thing looked like a LOTTO billboard.
    1 million dollars
    5 million dollars
    10 million dollars