Thursday, April 22, 2010

The people speak out abuse of women and young girls

Guyana Chronicle: In light of the recent reports over the numerous reported incidents of abuse perpetrated on women and children, especially the molestation of young girls, many Guyanese have expressed their profound concern, and Guyana Chronicle reporter Nathalene de Freitas sought to garner the views of some citizens on this issue. Here’s what they had to say:-

Monty Jariwala – Businessman

I believe that in today’s society the moral standards have broken down tremendously and something needs to be done in order to protect our women and children. We must encourage our women and children to speak out if they find themselves in such circumstances. They must not be afraid for ashamed to speak out. Officials should also involve themselves more by creating some kind of response team to address situations such as these. If children or women are being abused constantly and are afraid to visit the various organisations available to them, then officials should try setting up a hotline number to report any such abuse of women and children. Professionals in this field should be on hand to visit homes and make themselves aware of what is happening if someone calls in and reports an abuse. As it relates to the law for these offences, it should really be revised to give the victims total satisfaction.

Parents should become more involved in the well-being of their children and men should open their eyes and learn to respect women. The law should be more severe for perpetrators of these crimes so that they would not be able to repeat the offence. I believe this is the only way our children can be protected. It is time that officials see what is happening and do something that can save us, especially our children. Parents also need to be in control of their children and get involved more by communicating with them and paying attention to their behaviour.

Devika Dharilall – Sales Representative

The only thing that can curb this problem in our society today is if the law becomes more stern. Only this will prevent perpetrators from abusing our young children and women. It is now time that women speak up and protect themselves and their children against these heartless people who molest our children. I really do not know what is happening to our society today. I can recall these things never happening in my days; and now is every day you open the papers or turn on the television something always happening with our women and children.

Carol Persaud – Self Employed

People who commit such acts must not be allowed back into society, that’s what I believe. We must all see our children as children and little angels and our women as our mothers, because all of us have mothers. I have certainly seen an increase in this problem facing our society today, because is every day I’m hearing something disgusting. We need to stand up as men and start protecting our children and women and stop abusing them. We need to have more strict laws to put these perpetrators away for a long time.

Joseph Taylor – Regent Street Vendor

Trevor Persaud – Self Employed
Presently there are too many people getting away with these offences. We need a law to protect our women and children, more especially poor families. There should be a heavy penalty for such offences; and when an offender is committed to stand trial, the victim should not settle the matter by accepting money. The law should allow no settlement in cases such as these, because in many instances we find people being charged for molesting children and abusing women and they settle the matter by giving the family money. This should not be, we should educate our people more on the laws and their rights.


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