Friday, April 9, 2010

Amerindians picket APA conference in Georgetown!

Protesters are currently picketing a conference organized by local Alliance for Change front group, the Amerindian People's Association, at the Regency Hotel in Hadfield street.
The group is consisted of close to 100 persons and are chanting and holding aloft placards which highlight among other things, the double standards of the APA, its link to the AFC, its unfounded criticisms of the LCDS and chides them also for peddling lies in relation to the APA's accusation that Amerindians were not properly consulted on the LCDS.


  1. Its good to see that the Amerindian people will not sit back and have this group talk on their behalf and say thing that are not true but this is not surprising since the AFC has something to do with the APA and once it it that definitely they would have a problem wit the LCDS.

  2. How much more will this tantrum go on for with the APA, the LCDS has proven the only other alternative of minimizing any form of natural disaster for our country and the world as whole...the least the APA should do is look effective side of the programme for it’s tranquility of saving and help modulate ways in making the Amerindians understand the objective of this project

  3. Is that the real motive of this picketing that the Amerindians were not consulted properly on the LCDS, all of this is precious time wasting before they picket they should find means of understanding the real advantage behind the LCDS...the LCDS has proven to be the alternative of saving the a point the AFC were all and all for the LCDS now they are against without any positive reason of such, this people are just clueless of anything of importance around them