Monday, April 26, 2010

Sharma's U.S visa revoked-Canada & U.K to follow suit.

Kaieteur News: The woes of the now embattled businessman and political party leader, Chandra Narine Sharma, reached a new depth. His United States visa was revoked yesterday.
This newspaper understands that all airlines were notified of Sharma’s visa revocation shortly after 14:00hrs yesterday.
Reports are that the revocation of his visa is a direct result of the current carnal knowledge allegations leveled against him and for which he is also charged.
The charges stem from allegations by a 13-year-old female who has accused him of years of sexual abuse of not just her but also of some of her sisters.


  1. This is an indication that these foreign missions would have information on Sharma leading to him being guilty of the allegations being leveled at him. It is commendable that they have taken this position since he could have exited this country despite the fact that his passport has been lodged.

  2. It just good for his ass...he should have been revoked of life...that should have been his final judgement...I still cant gather that this man got off this easy...all of his drama scenes paid off and all the bribing he passed...he and his family should all be put in jail for condoning such acts on children....

  3. It is just tiring to hear of this man story surfacing at every corner you go, everyday a new piece of his life is being revealed...only his visa got his license for his business should have been taken away as well, this man got to truly suffer...he played a dirty card and now running from discipline...fainting in court...he want some tight lash across his back for remainder of life…

  4. "Justice for all" he claims he is the man for the people...for the people indeed, taking advantage on the people girl children...everyone knows what this man is credible for...put on some so called drama as amends for his ways...I hope that he would never be considered again to have a visa…