Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Why Robert Corbin will not be the PNC/R 2011 Presidential candidate?

PNCR leader Robert Corbin was under tremendous pressure as leader of a party which lost all free and fair elections since October 5th 1992 and being the strategist that he is, he still managed to command the support of the majority of his party's membership as was demonstrated by the trouncing of his opponents at congress recently.

However he has found himself under an enormous amount of pressure recently as senior members of the party who deplore Corbin's lack of militancy in confronting the government have fractionalized the party to such an extent that Corbin was forced to rule himself out as the Presidential candidate in the upcoming general elections slated for 2011. To Corbin's benefit though he was able to successfully negotiate for himself a very handsome deal after which he was paid $8M and retained the leadership of the party.

Corbin is often lauded for his recognition that violence and destruction as a means of gaining political space was a no-no, a tactic frequently employed by past PNC leaders. And immediately upon assuming the leadership of the party he sought reconciliation instead of upping the 'mo fire', 'slow fire' ante, this did not go down well with most of the senior leaders of the party and it led to a mass exodus.


  1. Corbin's perceived lack of militancy has been given as one of the main reasons for his not being the PNC's Presidential candidate for the 2011. Only recently a top PNC executive disclosed to me that the PNC wants to return to its militant and destructive past as it sees this is the only way to ride the PPP from Office.

  2. Ok then and this is how the PNC handle situations whenever they do arise...Corbin pocket already full and now they want to start there riot again because this jackass left there party hanging...they should go and bombard him not the innocent people. This country can never be at peace with demons like these from the PNC

  3. They want to bring there more fire, slow fire shit, let them come!!! This country has endured to much when it came to violence, torture, punishment, you name it when it came to cruelty, the PNC did it let them come, they better run if they know what is good for them...they falling apart already because of thee deeds nothing else