Thursday, April 29, 2010

Clarence Ellis stands in a long line of erudite, accomplished Guyanese who faithfully supported the regime of Forbes Burnham-Annan Boodram

Annan Boodram: Many have been the accolades heaped on the late Clarence Ellis. And indeed he’s probably worthy of the praise. But Ellis stands in a long line of erudite, accomplished Guyanese who faithfully supported the regime of Forbes Burnham and whose voice was singularly silent on the issue of rigged elections. Now, supporting a particular party is an acceptable personal choice, but supporting rigged elections is indefensible by any yardstick. However, it is not my intention to detail this component of Ellis’s reality but to simply point out that those who ignore or gloss over it are the same people who, because they disagree with President Jagdeo’s politics, fail to appreciate his singular achievement of winning the UN’s top environmental award. By no stretch of the imagination can the UN be accused of playing politics or of being biased and/or partisan in handing out this honour.

Be that as it may, Editor, please allow me to congratulate Guyana’s Head of State on a superb achievement. His recognition brings credit to Guyana and his selfless gesture in donating the money that comes with the award to the Amerindian community is indeed the icing on the cake.

Congrats to the President!


  1. It is for this very reason that law abiding citizens cannot recognize people of Ellis's ilk simply because they got into power by disregarding one of the basic tenets of a democracy, free and fair elections. The end could never justify the means it is vice versa

  2. When push come to shove is the same democracy and president that the anti-government activists got to rely on...what the president has done and demonstrated is true and just leadership with an efficient democratic regime... this award proves that you are a outstanding legend to this country

  3. Wow supporting rigged election back well he had should be ashamed, just imagine the governance the people had to endure, untrustworthy and unjust....they did all of that and yet they could have never bring Guyana to the nature it is in today...flourishing and developing in every sector, thanks to our president for putting Guyana on the international spectrum for his well proclaimed work ...congratulations once again on your award…..

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