Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Benschop's candidacy rejected by potential voters.

The Three Musketeers

A poll that was conducted by this website saw Mark Benschop's candidacy as Mayor of Georgetown being rejected by a whopping 72% of the voters.
The poll lasted for 31 days during which viewers of this site were asked if Benschop should be elected Mayor of Georgetown. Some 26% or 40 voters said he should, 6% or 10 voters said he shouldn't and a whopping 66% or 101 voters said 'hell fucking no'.

Benschop, a former treason accused and an architect of the infamous Buxton 'Freedom Fighters' gang led by prison escapee, Andrew Douglas, recently launched his party dubbed 'The Independent Party ' and subsequently announced his intent to contest the impending local government elections. When questioned about the members of his party he responded by saying that they will be announced later. However, persons were seen in several South Georgetown areas soliciting membership on Benschop's behalf recently. Benschop himself has maintained a very visible presence in some Albouystown and West Ruimveldt rum shops where he often dishes out free beers as well as other alcoholic beverages whilst imploring persons to join his party.


  1. Mark Benschop tried with treason, he failed. He tried to draw supporters to him by illegal and unfit means, he failed. He's now trying to take the position as mayor of Georgetown!

    Such an individual is unfit for this position and unfit for society...

    I didn't expect much from the votes just wanted to prove him wrong...

  2. People scared to be around this man cause he is always looking t stir up some confusion around the place so people must refuse to have him has mayor cause he might use it to his advantage for other doing.........

  3. What a shame, Benschop get bowling out every where he goes, now he actually bribing people with beers for just there attention to listen to his shit...this man is just too damn ridiculous, why cant he get the message that he doesn't stand a chance of being anything for Guyana, he is criminal and nothing more...

  4. "Hell fucking No" indeed the public gave the correct answer, what other proof does he need to know that he should stop his fucking comedy plain bloody English that there is no way that he will be contending in the local government elections...somebody needs to stamp it on his forehead because his vehicle already occupied with his stupid mayor add...