Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sexual Offences Bill tabled in parliament.

Mike Mc Cormack of the GHRA being questioned about his
organisation's silence on the allegations of rape leveled against
CN Sharma by Minister Manickchand in Parliament today.

The Sexual Offences Bill was tabled in parliament today. Minister of Human Services & Social Security, Priya Manickchand in presenting the bill said it was born from the "Stamp it Out" campaign and more than 5000 people contributed. She said it also extends the definition of rape and establishes a special court to deal with such matters.
PNC MP Basil Williams said that the provisions of the Bill needed to be balanced in the interest of justice and described it as being transformative in nature.

Rape in Marriages and common law relationships will be an illegal offence under the new law.
And sexual abuse victims will no longer be face-to-face with the accused as a new court will have special rooms for hearings.


  1. The silence of the GHRA speaks volumes about where their priority lies. Had Sharma been remanded behind bars for a few weeks then you would have heard their voices and they would have cried out in the name of justice which would be a bloody travesty.

  2. so you write ur blog and comment on it too? eh Kwame eh Benn eh charles ?

  3. This is a good step in making sure that many domestic violence abusers face the penalties for their actions and also would maintain a stable and violence against women and children would eventually come to an end...i hope Sharma taking heed!

  4. Well this a bill that has been long awaited for as well...the minister has really signaled all efforts in making this bill pass...she deserves the credit of being a minister of such stamina looking out for the women and children well being of this country, because this not a problem happening in Guyana only but also around the is a great start for the women protection and the children

  5. I hope this bill would put a stamp Sharma and get those girl some justice from that inhumane creature that got off on bail…they should not leave this story at this point where they have not been severed justice. The Minister did a great job for this bill to pass….Men out there take note of this because the penalty you will receive will be even more severe than you fellas expected

  6. The GHRA cant say anything on this matter, that is a norm by them, they only carry the name for name sake...a penalty should be sanctioned on this institution actions on these cases...maybe some of that $10m went to them, that is why their mouths are covered on this one...