Friday, April 23, 2010

C.N Sharma's son-in-law among persons charged after attempting to bribe rape victim.

Ravi Mangar, CN Sharma's son-in-law and owner of Gizmos & Gadgets in green top

CNS 6 employees Tyrone Ali and a driver along with an employee of Gizmos and Gadgets

In a shocking twist to the story surrounding rape allegations against CN Sharma his son-in-law along with several of his employees appeared in court today to answer to various changes stemming from their attempt to avert the course of justice. Three charges of obstructing the course of justice were read to Tyrone Ali, Mark Reid and Ravi Mangar and all were each granted $100000 bail.

Two attempt to obstruct the course of justice charges were levelled against two of Sharma's employees, namely, driver Doodnauth Sharma and Secretary, Raymattie Ramsaywack who were each granted bail at the sum of $100,000.
It was alleged that Ravi Mangar, owner of popular business Gizmos and Gadgets offered the victim $2M and a house to drop the case against his father-in-law, Sharma


  1. get a life with your laird accusations.

  2. This money that they used could have been gone to better use, why bribing, they should have left Sharma to pay for his deeds. Then he fake's passing out.....uhhh how low can he go....but i think the girls can answer that one....

  3. These people feel they big and bad, obstruction in the court, Sharma and his hooligan associates should have been slapped with a million dollar or even more, being that they have this much to bribe people is sickening to know that people actually supporting this criminal...

  4. What a disgrace…look is who a they causing obstruction for, a dead criminal…these people should all go down, bribing people to get by, ho would society ever reach the concept of moral when it got people like these walking free…Sharma is an embarrassment to all politicians

  5. He should think twice before contesting in the coming election… because commotion and feedback he will be getting he will surely die, we just have to listen out for how much bribe he will pass for a little support…