Monday, April 12, 2010

Main street traffic light batteries removed by vandals.

Vandals steal batteries from traffic light on Main street, opposite the Bank of Guyana


  1. these people at it again, this nonsense must be stopped once and for all, the government made allocations to these lights for the safety of public using the roads at large, these lights cost money, they didn’t pick it up just like that....for safety of people's life and these vagabonds stealing them….this is just slackness

  2. Has we try to make our country more better they are the set that try to make our lives uncomfortable by destroying these stuff.Don't these people like the lives that they are having now.

  3. This is just typically of some lunatic, they cry out for development and most of all road order and turns around and does this?? Tell me how can we show the GOG that we do need improvement if we keep robbing the people of their hard work??