Monday, April 12, 2010

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.............

Keith Burrowes: There is the old saying, "once bitten, twice shy". This is one bit of traditional wisdom that doesn't seem to apply to us in Guyana, particularly when it comes to keeping our capital city from being submerged every year.
If ever we needed a hard lesson in how devastating today's rainy seasons can be; the flood of 2005 was it.

De Parrot: We could start by ridding City Hall of Hamilton Green and his band of thieves.


  1. Indeed we need a change when it comes to keeping the city clean cause the present mayor seem not to cater for the weather pattern which we experience.Which sometimes but every single one of us at risk and discomfort.

  2. Exactly Parrot, the first way of ridding garbage is by getting rid of the main source i.e Hammie and his cult. Criticism come criticism go and still this doesn't affect Hammie in any manner to pull up his socks, he's been doing the same crappy job and i think we need change but not change into the same old $h!t again.

  3. This man don't give a shit about the people, once his pocket is full at the end of the month , that is all that matters to him...he is there taking up space along with his so called clan that carries the same character as him, I can’t understand why, he hasn't been thrown out there as yet

  4. This man just degrading Mayor and City Council, or should I call it the Mayor and Shitty Council…because that is how Hammie runs that that place with no standard and no work….Hammie must GO !!!!!