Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rickforde Burke attacks the Stabroek News again!

Desmond Hoyte's racist lap-dog attacks the Stabroek News and its staff here


  1. Burke is too steeped in the perpetuation of ethnic politics and ethnic agitation. Their advocacy will do nothing to help the Afro-ethnic PNC adopt a multiracial character and thus broaden its appeal to win Indian votes. This gentleman must be branded for what he is, political extremist, who have no need for electoral democracy. Amazingly the SN has been a staunch anti PPP critic at the expense of the PNC and the AFC but Burke will conveniently ignore this.

  2. "Burke also committed two outrages in the annals of intellectual dishonesty when he said Burnham and PNC rescued Guyana from PPP and racial strife and national destruction in 1964. It is thoroughly documented that Burnham was in cahoots with foreign governments to destabilize Guyana so that what they perceived as the communist PPP must be ousted from power. Once their objective was fulfilled, and Burnham enthroned in power, of course the racial strife and national destruction would end.

    Burke said, “Hoyte and PNC brought about so-called restoration of democracy in 1992″.

    The scale of electoral fraud by Burnham and Hoyte (1968 to 1985) surpassed those of Marcos and Noriega. The PNC’s real votes in those elections could never have been more than 38-40 percent (as per the proportion of Africans in the population), but they regularly announced much larger victories. "