Friday, April 16, 2010

It rained yesterday! Our homes flooded! And we got the same tired excuses from City Hall!

Flooded out city residents yesterday condemned the authorities for failing to heed several calls made over the past seven months for drainage works to be carried out.

Repeated attempts to contact the Mayor and City Council yesterday proved futile.

In several areas around the city yesterday, residents could be seen bailing out bottom flats, shifting furniture and hanging out soggy carpets. Some four inches of rainfall were recorded in Georgetown yesterday. Reports from around the country indicate that similar amounts were dumped.

Residents called on the authorities to be more proactive in anticipation of heavy rainfall during the May/June rainy season. According to the Met Office, rainfall is expected to continue over the next few days.

In the Section K, Campbellville area, residents were bailing water which accumulated in their homes and according residents there, the drains and canals in the area should have been cleared prior to the rains.

According to residents in Enachu Street, a nearby trench had been filled with thick vegetation for the past several months and several complaints were filed with the M&CC. Other residents said the authorities even visited the area but no action was taken to remedy the situation.

They said most canals and drains in the area were cleaned soon after the 2005 floods but no work had been done since then.


  1. And here we have another set of results of Hammie’s work, it just impossible as to why this man still being Mayor, he should have been thrown out from what happen a few months backs....people are becoming tired of his ass sitting all day and cant delegate properly to ease the burden off people shoulders

  2. This is the predicament as to which Hammie puts people through, it not like he was not informed of the drainage problems around those areas, now a day of rain and people suffering already...this man nothing but a waste and incompetent asshole that is worthless in of this position of being mayor

  3. Parrot, MCC can't pay light bill, how on earth they gonna clean drains? Aplly for the job na budday.

  4. This waste would never take account for these people loses, but he is partially the one to be blamed, those people went and made notification of their drainage situation, and this waste did not at any instance take heed to the situation…I can’t believe he is still acting as Mayor…how long more would the public take this man shit?

  5. This is a predicament because this man don’t his job and the next contending Mayor who is nothing other than a Lunatic , Mark Benschop...gosh I hope some good will befall us to get someone who can so this work having everyone satisfied