Monday, April 26, 2010

Government to revive Hope Estate as coconut plantation.

Government will be pouring approximately $25 million into the Hope Estate on the East Coast Demerara as it attempts to reconvert the area into the thriving coconut plantation that it once was, Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud says.

As part of this revitalization plan, the government is moving to build a $9.5 million coconut water bottling plant in the area. While the government is funding the construction of this facility, the technical design for the plant is being produced by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Persaud told media operatives. Persaud said that once the technical design for the project has been completed work can begin on the facility which has an estimated construction time of six months. The government hopes to partner the private processers, including some which are overseas-based, to run this facility, Persaud explained. According to him, the government hopes that this will serve as a boost to the industry and that it will provide jobs. He said too that it was hoped this will serve as an impetus for starting up other such plants in the country, noting that at present there are about three private coconut bottling plants locally.


  1. Over the years the coconut industry has bloom with the crop widely being in demand and its good that the government is willing to invest to make it more successful....

  2. This is an excellent initiative by the GOG, since such a venture would be able to produce copra. In addition the coconut tree is intertwined with life itself, from the food eaten to the beverages thar are used. Household utensils, baskets, cooking oil, furniture, and cosmetics all come from the coconut tree. In certain countries coconut oil provides diesel fuel and is also used for lighting and candle making. Coconut shells are made into buttons, form a base for decorative carvings, and are burned for fuel.

  3. That is the mind set of the government he always thinks big and go for far it has been rewarding...indeed the coconut industry will disseminate a lot of bi products. This area for a fact will definitely give some extraordinary results...thus lessen the burden on those who will be receiving jobs