Monday, December 5, 2011

AFC divided over Nagamootoo's parliamentary appointment

Liveinguyana was reliably informed that persons in the small opposition party Alliance For Change (AFC) are questioning the selection of former PPP/C central committee member, Moses Nagamootoo's selection as one of the party's parliamentary representatives.
The group said that Nagamootoo only recently left the PPP after being in that party for over 40 years and still holds a few good ties within that party.

There is the fear that with the new minority PPP/C government and the need for the APNU and AFC to remain united, Nagamootoo might lean towards the favoring of his old party family.


  1. Know that this would have come to that cause many members are there long before Nagamootoo and now he out of nowhere has got a parliamentary post for the AFC.

  2. Well this party ever be stable they always with this infighting among their self like a bunch of school kids.