Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hard to tell the difference between AFC & APNU as party defends illegal APNU protesters

-attacks police for responding to taunts, physical abuse etc

Its difficult to tell the difference between to two leading opposition parties in Guyana as the AFC held a press conference yesterday during which its leaders issued scathing attacks on members of the Guyana Police Force.
This was after Police officers were on Tuesday forced to open fire with rubber bullets after a group of illegal APNU demonstrators become abusive and hostile, refusing to heed repeated warning to go home.
The AFC gave no consideration to the fact that previous protests by the PNC, which controls the APNU, led to attacks on businesses and many Indo Guyanese who are supporters of the ruling PPP/C. The AFC managed to obtain the votes of a small chunk of a misguided block in the Region 6 area who traditionally vote PPP/C.
They have now used this support to further the agenda of the PNC led APNU which received little or no votes in this area.

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  1. Whats the matter with these parties they clearly have no interest in this country cause the are giving these APNU support to make the lives of other uncomfortable with these marches for no reason.