Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Granger's sudden realization of the need for consensus is shocking

APNU Leader David Granger yesterday called for the establishment of a tripartite budget committee before the end of the year to oversee the preparation of the 2012 national budget.
And this comes at a time when it has become clear that Granger intends to spend the next parliament sowing confusion.

This call for inclusion came after the failure by the APNU to make our country ungovernable. And this sudden realization of the need for consensus is shocking given that it was Donald Ramotar and the PPP/C which first extended its hand to the opposition, only to be met with unnecessary protests.

Granger and his colleagues would like their supporters to believe that the running of the country is wholly dependent on the whims and fancies of he and his colleagues bu this is not so.

Donald Ramotar is the duly elected President of Guyana and ever since being sworn in he has s been carrying out the functions of a sitting President. In fact during the last 24 hours, President Ramotar has:

1. Met with the permanent secretaries of all the ministries in consultation.
2. Met the Chinese Ambassador to discuss Guyana/China economic co-operation.
3. Met with Social Services minister to discuss women empowering programs.
4. Met with PYO members to discuss youth empowerment programs.
5. Attended a reception at the Republic Bank.

Should 41% Granger or 10% Ramjattan wish to have a say in the PPP government's budget, then President Ramotar will be only too pleased to give them a fair hearing. As long as what they say will keep up Guyana's new found track record of progressiveness.

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