Sunday, December 11, 2011

Granger feeling pressured by the influence of extremist elements in the APNU's post elections operations

APNU march being led by Edward Collins &
Tacuma Ogunseye who both called for armed
insurrection prior to the elections

The APNU's Presidential candidate, David Granger has confided his displeasure with the influence of those whom he termed 'extremist elements' in the post-election direction his party is taking to a very close associate of his. Granger is deeply worried by the push for armed insurrection and massive street protests by a group which consists of ex-soldiers, ACDA officials and several senior PNC officials.

Granger told the individual that the gains the APNU made in the just concluded elections did not warrant continued street protests nor the mobilization of criminal elements from Guyana and the U.S to perpetuate violence against the state, its officials and supporters of the ruling party. He also spoke of his displeasure with the call for a boycott of certain businesses which he claimed are being targeted wrongfully. He noted that he himself feels threatened and mentioned an incident during last week where he was warned of the consequence of 'selling out' to the PPP by a group at Congress Place.

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