Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kashif & Shangai Football tournament organisers forced to respond to racist boycott campaign being waged by Gordon Moseley, APNU & others

THE organizers of Guyana's premier sporting event, the Kashif and Shanghai Football Tournament, were forced to take time out from their busy schedule to set the record straight after a nasty, racist boycott campaign was launched against the event.
This boycott campaign is being propagated by Prime News reporter, Gordon Moseley, Vidyaratha Kissoon (both faggots), David Hinds and several other high ranking officials of the APNU.

Using Facebook, Twitter and Blackberry Messenger these folks have been calling on Afro Guyanese to boycott this football tournament and any events held by Hits and Jams Promotions group. They also falsely accused the individuals behind theses groups of being agents and supporters of the PPP/C.
The Kashif and Shangai organizers in a statement issued yesterday said “at the outset, the Kashif and Shanghai Organisation wishes to make a few things clear. First, as an organisation, we neither hold nor propagate any party political position.
“Secondly, the Kashif and Shanghai Organisation has not, on any occasion, organised, facilitated or been involved in any activity of any nature associated with the promotion of any political party or political point-of-view”.


  1. Well i have received the message also calling for the boycott and i think its dumb cause this event helps to promote or country and also gives jobs to a few people around this time.

  2. Why boycott a promotion which you can enjoy in the comfort of your own country and see people travel from other country just to take part in this event.Its clear that these people are just mindless.