Wednesday, December 14, 2011

APNU unable to do in 7 days with it chided GECOM for doing in 2.

The PNC led APNU chided GECOM for delivering the official elections results in two days. Words such as 'incompetent' and 'unacceptable' were used to describe the actions of that body as well as its leading officials.
Now it has been almost one week since GECOM bowed under the pressure of the APNU's unnecessary street protests and released satements of poll to that party yet it has so far been unable to complete its verification of those SOPs. Or could it be that it did already and was silently forced to swallow the bitter pill of defeat?
If this is the case then that party owes an apology to those people they mislead and paraded down the city's streets. They also owe an apology to the traumatized children of St Sidwells primary.


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  2. They gonna keep keep quiet now after seeing that they lost and wouldn't let their supporters know that they lost indeed and sorry for misleading.

  3. You will never hear them cleared the air oon this they gonna keep on insisting that the SOPs are wrong.

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