Monday, December 12, 2011

Break-in of ballot box storage facility a planned APNU effort to prevent a recount

The facility housing several containers containing ballots from the just concluded elections was broken into and padlocks of at least 3 containers were damaged. This was after a car transported 3 individuals suspected to be associated with the APNU to the back entrance of the Coldingen property being used by GECOM.

In a statement issued last night the ruling PPP/C described the breakage as “most disturbing”. The release continued that the PPP/C has always maintained that it remains unopposed to a total or partial recount of the ballots given its firm view that there was orchestrated misconduct at several polling stations and divisions.
The party said it was prevailed upon to withdraw its request for a partial recount of votes as the opposition claimed that this would delay the announcement of the preliminary results. “This request was made by the PPP/C in light of certain facts and activities that took place and affected votes which were cast for the PPP/C,” it said.“We view this break-in of the ballot boxes as a planned effort by certain political forces to prevent a recount given the suspicions and evidence of collusion to cheat the PPP/C of a clear parliamentary majority. We have also noticed an unprecedented feature i.e. the use of military-type planning and operations by these elements who seem bent on frustrating and even undermining the democratic process in Guyana".


  1. This is indeed disturbing the PNC/APNU continue to show that the only way that they could win a elections is by rigging.

  2. Is this attempt for them to tamper with these ballot then call for a recount when will the PNC change their ways trying to rig.

  3. i dont like this sort of behavior at all!!! APNU needs to stop acting like children and just accept the fact that the PPP won the elections fair and square!!!!!!

  4. why is it that APNU dont just accept that they have lost the elections and make used of the seats in parliament.