Monday, December 19, 2011

State owned, Chronicle bought printing press from Glen Lall without public tender

The tens of millions of dollars of taxpayers' money that have been paid by the management of the Guyana National Newspapers Limited ( GNNL) for the purchase of a printing press from the Kaieteur News to improve the print quality of the Guyana Chronicle newspaper appear to have gone down the drain.
According to sources, the press sold to GNNL was expected to enable the Chronicle newspaper to have a quality print that could stand out among the best newspapers in the Caribbean, but close to three years since it has been in operation, the quality of the newspaper leaves much to be desired.
Sources further revealed that the discarded press was sold without a public tender, and alleged that Kaieteur News owner Glenn Lall made a “ killing” from the secondhand property. Information received suggest that a quality black and white press can be purchased for half of the millions of tax payers’ money that was paid to Lall, who apparently duped the GNNL in the deal. Sources are calling on the relevant authority to investigate the alleged shady transaction from which Lall is said to have profited hugely.

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