Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Is there an Opposition plot afoot to have the Police Commissioner removed ?

The timing of the allegations of rape made against the Police Commissioner by a woman, who according to the Kaieteur News was previously fingered in a $2M blackmail scheme, should be noted by the readers of this blog. Bear in mind the alleged incident took place on November 22nd, which is almost a week before Guyanese went to the polls to elect a new government. Despite allegedly taking place almost one month ago the accusations of rape are only now being made, albeit, a week after police were forced to open fire on an illegal protest being led by immediate past Police Commissioner, Winston Felix. This former COP accused the serving COP of facilitating the bugging of his office which revealed that he was in cahoots with the PNC. Why did it only come to light now after law enforcement officials were forced to take assertive action to prevent opposition incited anarchy?

The alleged victim, using her own words, said that she was unable to provide food for her children and that they were at home starving. Yet it is to our amazement that this once impoverished woman is now able to afford the services of one of Guyana foremost high-priced Lawyers in the form of Nigel Hughes. This same Lawyer is also a central figure in one of Guyana's main opposition parties and during an address in Linden he described Afro-Guyanese who supported the efforts of the ruling party as 'house slaves'. The COP has always been deemed to be supportive of all efforts of the current and past PPP/C administrations and has also been the recipient of many nasty attacks as a result. Nigel Hughes involvement is even more cause for concern given all that i have noted.

Based on the recorded conversations that were made public after the Roger Khan/Winston Felix fall-out we learnt that there are persons in the PNC who were accustomed to having senior police officials in their pockets. One of the conversations revealed that a very senior PNC official conspired with the then COP, Winston Felix to have drugs planted on a woman accused of stealing a substantial amount of foreign currency from a drawer in the office of PNC leader Robert Corbin. Then there was the case where Basil Williams was captured on tape congratulating Felix for misleading the public about who was behind a massacre which claimed the lives of 13 persons in the village of Agricola. There's no doubt that there are persons in the PNC led APNU who are not comfortable that such a relationship no longer exists between that party and the current COP and they have gone out of their way to make sure that he is removed. The sad thing is that the COP is not in the best of health and the alleged victim has a history of extortion. Shame! Shame!

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