Sunday, December 4, 2011

You can’t lose an election and bully your way into government

HARRY GILL: CONGRATULATIONS to His Excellency, Donald Ramotar; the PPP/C and the people of Guyana for choosing wisely.
The elections are now over, and despite what David Granger and those within the APNU would want us to believe, The 2011 National and Regional Elections were applauded by all Overseas Observers, Foreign Missions, and by the Presidential Candidate of the AFC, Khemraj Ramjattan, as free and fair. Now that APNU has lost, the pressure is on for Donald Ramotar to have a government of national unity. This will not happen. The rules of the game cannot be changed after the game has been played. I doubt very much that Granger would have been allowed to include the PPP/C in his government had he won the election. Talk is cheap as Granger has demonstrated by encouraging his supporters to protest with the goal of shutting down commerce in Georgetown, and denying our children an education, despite signing a Code of Conduct promising to accept the election results from GECOM. The PNC is now firmly back in control.
Even if President Ramotar had planned to include APNU and the AFC in a government of national unity, the confrontational attitude of David Granger and his supporters now make this impossible to accomplish. You can’t lose an election and bully your way into government, it ain’t gonna happen.
I believe the AFC ran a fairly decent campaign, and I applaud then for that. It is now incumbent upon them as the more mature opposition, to ensure that they support credible policies and programs of the new administration, and do not allow APNU to drag them in a witch hunt that would jeopardize ongoing projects and waste the administration’s time in court, defending decisions taken by the previous Jagdeo Administration. If this destructive approach is chosen then I would have to agree with my friend, Michael Assibad who advised, “With a minority government, there is always a possibility for the government to fall. Therefore, since I do not believe that the APNU (PNC) will ever change its stripes, the PPP/C Government should table legislation or motion that would not likely be supported by the opposition. A vote will take place, and the government will fall at the hands of the opposition. New election will be called within three months. The people will realize the true opposition motive, and our supporters will be motivated to get out and vote. I know it will be costly in terms of finances, but we cannot afford our country to be held hostage.”
This is exactly my sentiments, for this time the PPP/C will surely achieve a clear majority in Parliament.
I must also express my disappointment at the Kaieteur News editorial of December 1, “A New Beginning”. Like it or not, Donald Ramotar is now the President of Guyana. But instead of congratulating him and wishing him success as he takes on the tremendous responsibility of uniting our people, and finding ways to create job opportunities, you spent most of your editorial talking about former President Jagdeo. The problems you have cited are the very same that have been featured in the columns of both independent dailies for years, and problems I’m sure that our new President is already familiar with. Give him a chance to name his Cabinet, and allow him to succeed on his own before dictating how he should run his administration. I feel confident that you will find President Ramotar to be more accessible, receptive, and more willing to work with the opposition parties in Parliament, provided this is in the best interest of all Guyanese and the Nation.
In the words of President Ramotar, “I am prepared to work beyond the difficulties and work tirelessly to make sure we do not thwart the Guyanese people's dream of a more prosperous life. Partisan cloaks will have to be shed to continue moving Guyana forward. Despite political differences I am sure that all the parties will work hard together with other stakeholders to improve the economy of Guyana.”
I call upon Kaieteur News and Stabroek News to judge our new President on his performance and the decisions he makes, and not to allow the likes of Freddie Kissoon to continue his daily bashing of the Administration unjustifiably. For this will be counterproductive to fostering closer press relations.
Guyana needs a period of civility, a time to heal, and time to move on. It is time for a new beginning. Mistrust and suspicions must not cloud our vision for a better Guyana. We owe this to ourselves, and to generations to come.

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  1. When will the PNC/APNU stop with their bully ways over and over again we have seen them try to force their way into govt after losing an elections.When they they accept the lost and act like mature people and politicians.