Saturday, December 3, 2011

Western Missions, PSC urges full acceptance of elections results

THE Private Sector Commission (PSC), yesterday, confirmed its acceptance of the results of the general and regional elections announced by the Guyana Elections Commission(GECOM) on Thursday, and urged immediate national acceptance. Chairman of the Commission, Ramesh Dookho, who addressed the media at the PSC’s office on Waterloo Street, called on all the political parties and their supporters to work together for the further and continued development of the nation.
He said that it is a fact that irrevocable harm will be done to the country’s economy and its financial stability if there should be any refusal on the part of any one of the contesting political parties to accept the results.
He believes that with this new dimension to democracy, Guyana will have a better tomorrow with the input of all once everything is done in unity.

He pointed out that the PSC condemns any attempt by any party or its supporters to resort to unlawful public protest aimed at creating an environment of public fear and the destabilisation of the country.
He said that this is not the way, noting that the wait is over and the results should be accepted since public protest and any other such unruly behaviour will only lead to stagnation of the country’s development.
He pointed out that it is time now that the country returns to normalcy and get on with the business of giving expression, through the duly elected government and the National Assembly, to the will of the people.
“The people have spoken through a democratic process endorsed by all of the international observers,” he said.
Meanwhile, US Ambassador Brent Hardt, Canadian High Commissioner David Devine, and UK High Commissioner Andrew Ayre, who were also present at the meeting, reaffirmed their countries commitment to working with the new and current administration towards building a better nation for all.
The various diplomatic missions have called on all the political parties to put aside their differences and work together so that progress could be continuous in Guyana.
They issued a statement calling on all Guyanese to work together and build the country, and renew their commitment to Guyana.
The statement reads:
“The heads of the diplomatic missions of the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom wish to congratulate the people of Guyana for their dedication to the pursuit of free and fair election. It is critical at this important moment in Guyana’s history that all Guyanese, regardless of party affiliation, join together and work toward the higher principle of stable, effective ad transparent democratic governance.”
“Adherence to democratic principles involves respect for the rule of the law and the maintenance of peace, order and security. It is our fervent hope that all Guyanese respect the democratic outcome, as expressed by the people of Guyana through their votes in the recent elections.
This outcome offers an historic opportunity for the people of Guyana to come together and work across party lines to advance the interest of all people in Guyana”.
“Our countries look forward to working closely with the newly elected government and with all parties in parliament to support unified national efforts to build a prosperous, secure and democratic Guyana”.

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  1. Even other organizations are calling on APNU and its supporters to accept the results of the elections.If the elections wasn't free and fair don't you think that the people would have notice.