Thursday, December 8, 2011

The APNU'S Capitol News aired fake footage of supposedly screaming school children.

P. Harris: I was watching the nightly Capitol News on Tuesday, December 6, 2011. The news item spoke of the collateral damage caused by police action against the protesters. It said the children of a primary school and those of a nearby nursery school were traumatised by the gunfire. I can sympathise with that and feel consideration should have been exercised. However, there was an insert immediately after showing schoolchildren huddled together and screaming and I could clearly see that that insert was faked. I do look at Capitol News and feel their newscast is viewed with credibility, but what they showed to us (the schoolchildren screaming, supposedly while gunshots were being ‘fired‘) was not genuine. I ain’t no genius but I know enough to know a fake when I see one.

Liveinguyana Note: Capitol News is a tenant of the PNC. The wife of its publisher was a candidate on the PNC and now APNU's list. BTW, Hen-rico or Enrico also belongs to a fraternity of faggots who control the businesses bequeathed by 'Macky' of Rayon's House of Fashion when he died. Hen-rico also regularly engages in con-sexual sex with Gordon Moseley, who apart from propagating APNU nonsense, functions as the senior Editor at Capitol News.


  1. Capitol News has always been bias on its reporting and now people are getting fed of their way of journalism.

  2. Well this is not a surprise since the capitol news has always being in support of the opposition and only report the bad light of the story.