Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Guyana Police Forces records marked improvements in Narcotics fight in 2011.

The Guyana Police Force ( GPF) has recorded marked improvements in its fight against narcotics this year in comparison to 2010.Statistics released by the force earlier this month indicated that in most areas the force has been able seize sizeable amounts of narcotics. As it relates to cannabis, 121.5 acres of land were eradicated this year, compared to 104.25 last year. There has been a decline in the amount of cannabis seized by the law, as this year 4480.1 ki lograms were confiscated, while in 2010 7613.5 kilos were seized.

Additionally, there was also a decline in the number of persons being charged and placed be fore the courts for being in possession of cannabis and related offences. One hundred and seventy- six persons were charged this year, while last year 478 persons were placed before the courts.

The quantity of cocaine ( crystalline and crack) seized within the last year increased, compared to last year. In the case of crystal cocaine, 287.2 kilograms were seized this year, while last year 44 kilograms were seized. There was a small increase in the amount of crack cocaine seized, as 1.8 kilos were confiscated this year, while last year 1.5 kilos were seized.

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