Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Tiger hasn't lost its stripes - APNU attacks Private Sector Commission

-urges supporters to boycott business of PSC members

Being true to its old self the PNC's APNU turned its attacks to the Private Sector Commission after this grouping of businesses called on the party and its supporters to accept the results of the just concluded elections.
Through the One Voice Can Win (a website registered in the name of PNC propagandist Lurlene Nestor which is updated from Congress Place) and its extensions on Facebook, the APNU is calling on its supporters to boycott several companies which are members of the PSC.
The campaign has received the support of Gordon Moseley and Gay activist Vidrayatha Kissoon among several other prominent persons.

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  1. Has they continue wit their ignorance they calling their supporters to boycott the PSC this here is a clear indications that they are putting their supporters to get involve in areas that would benefit them.