Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Opposition takes time off from revolutionary activities to go on overseas vacation

In what has to be one of the biggest surprises of the post- election season ( No. It’s not that Corbin still controls the PNC/ APNU! That we knew all along.) We recently learnt that it was the opposition that begged for some time off from their revolutionary activities. And here we thought that the minority Executive and the president were pushing off the day of their confrontation with the big, bad opposition in Parliament.

But the president revealed that it was the opposition that asked for Parliament not to be convened until next year. Seems they had already planned their holiday getaways. Isn’t that sweet? But couldn’t they have at least informed the rest of the public a while back. Here it is most Guyanese were expecting APNU ( joined by their comrades in the AFC – now that they have merged) to be widening their activities to sing Christmas carols to the rest of the country.

So are only Surujbally, Boodoo and Greene to be serenaded? What will all of the folks in Georgetown and further afield – yea, even in the hinterland – do with all the eggnog and black cake they prepared for all those jolly APNU/ AFC youths waving candles and carolling? Well, maybe they’re not all youths – certainly not David Hinds who’s now off to Parliament – but you get the idea?

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