Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Georgetown buzzing with activity as Christmas shoppers ignore APNU boycott call

The down town shopping areas

The Georgetown shopping district is a hive of activity as shoppers overwhelmed the usual shopping areas for the Christmas season. It took hours to travel from one city location to the next as there was a noticeable build up of traffic along the Regent, Robb, King, Avenue of the Republic, Camp and Church Streets.
It was even more difficult to traverse the city's pavements and walk ways, particularly on Regent street as hundreds of shoppers sought to beat the rush for gift items etc.

This runs contrary to a call by the youth arm of the APNU for its supporters to boycott several city businesses which it listed. The call was today watered down to a call to responsible consumers and to spend wisely


  1. To be quite frank guyanese would never listen to the APNU on the call for boycott especially at this time of the year and matter of fact no time cause they know that they wouldn't benefit from listen to the bull that the APNU youth arm calling for.

  2. This is Christmas time guyanese love this time of the year and wouldn't try to have a spoil one for no reason.So let APNU try with their mindless call.