Friday, December 9, 2011

APNU boycott targets mostly businesses owned by Indo Guyanese

The APNU has issued a call to its supporters to boycott several businesses across the country whose owners they claim support the PPP/C. One noticeable aspect though is the fact that a vast majority of the businesses listed are owned by Indo Guyanese, with the exception of a small few and some others which are foreign owned. Here's the list:

1.M&M Snackette
2.Trans Pacific Auto Sales & Spares
3.Jumbo Jet Auto Sales
4.BM Soat Auto Sales
5.Action Tyre
6.Akbar Auto Sales
7.Caricom Auto Sales
8.SOL (Shell Petrol)
9.Hits and Jams
10.Neal & Massy Group of Companies
11.Auto Supplies
12.Royal Castle Chicken
13.Republic Bank Ltd
14.The Beharry Group of Companies
15.Beharry Auto Sales
16.Guyana Bank for Trade & Industry (GBTI)
17.ALGICO Insurance
19.KFC & Pizza Hut
20.Guyana Stores Ltd
21.Laparkan Group of Companies
22.Fogartys Ltd
24.Channel 14
25.Guyana Times
26.New Guyana Pharmaceutical Corporation (GPC)
27.Buddy's Pool Hall
28.Princess Hotel
29.Grand Coastal Inn
30.Roraima Group of Companies (Gerry Gouveia)
31.Roraima Airways
32.Roraima Lodge Hotel
33.Duke Lodge Hotel
34.Reaaz Trading
35.Ashmins Trading
36.Keishars Trading
37.M&F Trading
38.City Mall
39.Shell's Enterprises (Lombard St)
40.King's Jewellers
41.Steve's Jewellers
42.Sarjoo Enterprises (Alexander Village)
44.MovieTowne (Trinidad)
45. All events by Kashif & Shangai
46. Nirvana(Sheriff Street)
47. Sachi (Regent Street)
48. M. Beepat & Sons
49. All products made by D.D.L
50. Satro's
51. Fazia Fashion
52. Ghandi's
53. Baichandeen's Hardware
54. Muneshwar's
55. National Hardware
56. Giftland Office Max
57. Hamson's Hardware
58. Hamid's Hardware
59. Goodwood Racing Service
60. Karibee Rice
62. Silvie's General Store
63. The Edge Lounge
64. Body Maxx Gym
65. Demerara Bank
67. Continental Paints
68. Continental Hardware & General Store
69. The Maharajah Restaurant
70. Sanjay's Jewellery
71. Joseph's Record Bar
72. Dhoray's Fashions
73. Exclusive Fashions
74. Foot Styles Fashions
75. Essential Fashion
76. Nanda's Boutique
77. Street Styles Fashions
78. The Changing Room


  1. The list was compiled by Lieutenant Colonel (retd) Randy Storm and was distributed to APNU supporters via email and BBM.

  2. This is one of the most ridiculous thing i have seen.Most of these places hire their supporters too so i guess they has to leave their jobs then.

  3. Lets call for the supporters to resign from these businesses.

  4. Why do you all allow this crap to be posted on your site? Stella said no such thing. This is beyond ridiculous.

  5. Well i know that many of guyanese people wont even listen to this crap period.