Tuesday, February 15, 2011

AFC admits in US it could not win 2011 elections - but aims for 10 Parliamentary seats

AFC Leader Raphael Trotman admitted to US-based Guyanese audience of 102 persons at the party fundraiser that his party could not realistically win the 2011 national elections but that the party was aiming to grab 10 Parliamentary seats at the upcoming polls. The AFC gained five seats at the 2006 national elections taken from the main PNCR constituency.

Trotman is becoming unpopular among his AFC colleagues over recent months, especially during the last few weeks. In Parliament in made a stinging announcement about his plans to leave the AFC and now his contradictory message of the party's inability to win the majority in a national elections.

There has been a major fallout between Khemraj Ramjattan and and Trotman over leadership and coalition issues. Trotman did not want to give up the Presidencial candidacy to Ramjattan who he said only brought in six votes from Berbice in 2006.


  1. Well i guess that they have been hit with reality that there's noway of them win the election and im sure that they had known this sometime back since they wanted to boycott the election..

  2. The AFC should not even try to get any seats.With the rate that they are going they should quit while they are ahead with how the members keep embarrassing the party.

  3. At least one aspect of the cake was completed "knowing that they can't win the 2011 elections". Now the other aspect of the icing which is realising they can't get any seats if they don't straighten up their mess of a Party is next. The AFC are a set of time wasters and have nothing good to offer the Guyanese populace whether it is total ruling or even a simple contribution to a crucial decision making in Parliament