Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kaieteur News on misinformation overdrive-Tharamwattie Ramdehol

Tharamwattie Ramdehol: IT is interesting to note that Kaieteur News is on an overdrive to misrepresent perhaps one of the most innovative government initiatives in this part of the world.
Kaieteur News’s anti-government agenda stymies its vision, preventing it, like Volda Lawrence (et al), from seeing the impact this project will have on the lives of the Guyanese people. Kaieteur News continues to play-up the procurement aspects of the project, failing to realise - as has been mentioned over and over - that transparency is a hallmark of this PPP/C government.
They have vindictively set out to question every laptop or computer purchased by the Office of the President, giving its readers the impression that it falls under the OLPF. It is one thing to be investigative; it’s another to concoct stories to boost sales.
Kaieteur News, like its partners in the opposition, cannot find fault with this dynamic initiative so they resort to nitpicking.

I will end with some questions that should be right up KN’s alley.
** If this government is not transparent, why then are the IMF, World Bank and IDB, and other international donor and lending agencies, still doing business here?
** Why are they still supporting the government’s initiatives across the board?
** Why have they not just packed up and left, in the face of this “perceived” lack of accountability and transparency?

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  1. It's about time KN takes a permanent vacation and leave Guyana's shores. They are a major disgrace to the Guyanese public in light of the shit they spew daily. I am of the opinion more than ever that KN is the worst example of “good journalism". Obviously they possess no form or amount of exemplary values and ethics in which they base their misleading and unprofessional work.