Thursday, February 17, 2011

Trotman now AFC boy toy.

Navindra Persaud: Has anybody noticed Trotman has now become the AFC boy toy? Whenever he speaks somebody from the party comes out behind him and say what he is saying is not what he means, or the AFC is still united, or some similar crap. Somehow it sounds as though Trotman has no control over what he wants to say, is either on psychotic medication, or he is not towing the party line of the financiers and media boys so he has to be constantly corrected and what he says have to be interpreted by them. These chaps only do this to Trotman, not to Sheila Holder and Khemraj Ramjattan. If Ramjattan and Holder say or write anything in the media they leave it alone. They would only comment if somebody disagrees with Ramjattan and Holder and this is only to give support to what these two persons said, never to correct what they say.


  1. This is a clear indication that his contribution are unless and he is not needed since they think that he is not capable of getting votes for the AFC

  2. The man has no saying in the party,so when ever he makes a statement it is corrected cause they are just showing that Trotman is not playing any major role in the party.

  3. Trotman and the rest of the AFC gang are in dire need of some coherency. I have never seen a speech or comment by an AFC member that is agreed upon "wholesale" by everyone in the party. The AFC is a breeding ground for corruption and it will remain that way because that’s what they believe in.